About Us

Coffee and Cake

Gallery Café by Pinky is now in 2 great locations:

The original Gallery café is a charming café and restaurant located in the heart of Phuket old town. We cook elegant, rustic and honest food that flicks your senses from classic, nostalgic flavors to simple but flavorful Thai dishes cooked by super-skilled young minds. With a buzzing cocktail bar and a kitchen led by Pinky.

The newest branch is located conveniently in Chalong on the Chao Fa East Road. The café is located in an old Thai style house. The interior is air conditioned and decorated with Pinky’s unique touch. There is also Al Fresco dining for those that prefer to soak up the fresh air and sunshine. It boasts a great atmosphere with a fully stocked bar, fresh food and great staff. There is ample parking for cars and bikes. There is also a carwash located next door, so you can grab a cup of coffee and soak up the atmosphere while getting your car cleaned.